Political Theory 1

Time: 8:30-10:00 AM           Location: Albertus Hall

Chair: Jeff Miller, SUNY New Paltz, millerj@newpaltz.edu         Discussant: Jeff Miller, SUNY New Paltz


Degenerate Aristocrats: Thomas Paine’s Philosophy of Natural Rights and the Virtue of Generational Change in his Republicanism.

Michael Villanova, CUNY, mvillanova@gradcenter.cuny.edu 

Democracy as an Idealization: The Connection Between Habermas's Formal Pragmatics and Discourse Theory of Law.

Connor Moran, SUNY Albany, cmoran2@albany.edu 

Is Philosophy Politics?

Gabriel Garber, CUNY, ggarber@gradcenter.cuny.edu 

States of Nature & Natural States: Is Hobbes to Locke as Chimps are to Bonobos?

Brian Ford, Independent Scholar, bpford1@gmail.com