UG2 - Geopolitics and Political Theory - Saturday, April 1 - 8:45 - 10:15 AM, Main Hall 27

Chair/Discussant: Emily Matott, University at Albany, SUNY

Paper: Author(s): Affiliation:
Democratic Governance in HEIs in Sweden: The Student Voice

Ayradi Catron

Fernanda Rubi

Augustana College
Safeguarded by Stare Decisis: A Comparative Analysis of Decisions Upheld and Overruled by the United States Supreme Court

Tasneem Hussein

Bekir Hodzic

Zayn Cheema

Vassar College
The Middle East Divide: U.S. Policy Failures and Opportunities Hussein Fayad Siena College
Examination of the Law Governing Airline Liability Comparing Law in the United States to Europe Anesu Mhene Quinnipiac University