Comparative Politics: Culture and Political Context

Time: 2:00-3:15 PM             Location: Albertus Hall

Chair: Jane Marcus-Delgado,  Discussant: Jane Marcus-Delgado

Note: Undergraduate Presenter email addresses are withheld for the protection of the students.


The Thai Saṅgha: Buddhism, Nationalism, and Legitimacy

Phoebe Marwill, Skidmore College

How has the Myanmar government gotten away with persecuting the Rohingya?

Shivani Saurav, Skidmore College

Social Network Analysis of the Niger Coup Trap (2010 & 2023)

Sophia Wittemyer, Skidmore College

The Constraints of Culture: The Blending of Transpropriation, Transculturation, and Transculturality 

Kylee Simpson, Marymount Manhattan College