Stony Brook University Relaunching its MA in Political Psychology Program

We’re in the process of revamping and relaunching this MA program and would greatly appreciate your help advertising it. Our program is a single calendar year and is completely in-person. Domestic applications are due July 1, 2024 and international applications are due April 15, 2024.



Leonie Huddy

Distinguished Professor and Chair

Do you want to learn how politics is connected to psychology?


Learn about our innovative MA program that specializes in

political psychology!


Housed in the Department of Political Science at Stony Brook University, our program allows you to earn a valuable master’s degree from one of the top-ranked graduate programs in political science in the nation in only one year (30 credit hours).


You’ll learn about things like:


  • What drives political polarization 
  • How moral values shape politics
  • Why liberals and conservatives hold different political opinions
  • How to design research and how to use statistics to analyze data


What makes us special?

The Department of Political Science at Stony Brook is internationally famous for our faculty who specialize in political psychology. Our MA in Political Science builds on this excellence. Most of our courses are taught by our full-time research faculty.


Who is our program for?

Our program is for anyone who is intellectually curious about politics and psychology and who wants to expand their research skills.


Alumni from our program usually pursue one of two tracks after graduation:


  • Working at political campaigns, government agencies, media outlets, polling firms, non-profits, and similar organizations. Many of these jobs require understanding data collection and analysis.
  • Going on to get a PhD. Our MA helps students prepare for doctoral programs in political science, psychology, and related fields. 


What are the benefits of our program?


  • This in-person program enables close collaboration between students and faculty mentors.
  • You will learn about theories at the crossroads of psychology and political science and how these can help us understand politics and public opinion.
  • Most courses are taught by our full-time research faculty.
  • Small class sizes allow you to get to know your professors.


How long does the program take?

Our full-time program takes only ONE calendar year.



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To join our program starting in Fall 2024, please apply by the following dates:

Domestic Applicants: July 1, 2024

International Applicants: April 15, 2024


Application and eligibility questions may be directed to:

Ms. Carri Horner

Graduate Program Coordinator

(631) 632-7667

Rockefeller Institute Local Government Lab 2024

Rockefeller Institute Local Government Lab 2024