Issues in Global Affairs

Time: 10:15-11:45 AM          Location: Albertus Hall

Chair: Harvey Strum, Russell College,    Discussant: Scott Monje, Independent Scholar,


Shamefully Hidden Responses: How the UNSC Responds to Genocides Through Resolutions Referencing Civil Wars.

Thomas Vann, University at Buffalo,

The Effect of Judicial Independence on Leaders' use of Political Imprisonment.

Jiahe Mi, University of Massachusetts—Lowell,

A Boomerang of a Different Kind: UNESCO Recognition and Resistance to the US Military in Okinawa.

Charmaine Willis, Skidmore College,

Promoting Gender Diversity in UN Peacekeeping Operations: An Analysis of Factors Influencing Female Military Troops Deployment.

Rahab Kisio, University of Massachusetts—Lowell,